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Kema new materials participated in the 20th CPHI

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In the face of difficulties, we went up against the wind and experienced the epidemic situation. We cherish our lives more, but we are never afraid. On December 16, 2020, Kema company made careful preparations. Mr. Zhang Yu, chairman of Kema new materials Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yuan Xiu, general manager of Kema new materials Co., Ltd., led the team of sales, production, technology and purchasing personnel to appear in the international exhibition of Shanghai New International Expo Center, Participated in the 20th world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition (CPHI China 2020) for three days.


        As a new enterprise of pharmaceutical excipients, Kema company always adheres to the concept of "surpassing with persistence and persistence, and winning customers with quality and character". It has attracted the attention of many people in the industry at e3g52 booth and greatly increased the company's popularity.